Branded Pen

Scribbling Away With A Branded Pen

Not a lot of people are aware of this, but the brand of writing instrument they use make a huge difference in the quality of drawing or letter they produce. Certain brands are known to produce bolder strokes and their inks tend to last longer than the others, while some are known for their sophisticated and refined strokes. If you’re very particular about the type of writing instrument you use, then you ought to explore the product line of Elephant & Coral. The company’s catalogue won’t disappoint.

Why Buy A Branded Pen For Your Writing NeedsGoldFish HiRes (3)

Aside from the bragging rights that come with it, using Branded Pens is definitely advantageous as opposed to using non-branded ones as the former are proven to last longer. Branded Pens are made from the most durable and finest materials that are chosen by manufacturers to suit your everyday writing needs.

Branded Pens also come in different sizes and materials ranging from plastic to even precious metals like gold and silver. Some Branded Pens are even handcrafted to perfection like the Namiki, Maki-e and Pelikan pen. The Maki-e pen, in particular, carry a long-standing and prestigious tradition of pen-making unrivaled by any company in the West. The pen is prized for its intricate gold dust patterns and prints symbolising Japanese culture and history.

How Much Does A Branded Pen Cost?

A Branded Pen may cost anywhere from less than $5 to $1,000 depending on the style or make. Expect fountain pens to cost more than ballpoint pen, of course, although some fountain pens sell cheap for the average consumer. Pilot, for example, has a line of fountain pens that cater to the younger market.

Non-branded ones, which sell by the bulk in retail or 99-cents type of shops, on the other hand, sell really cheap, but their quality are questionable. These pens are notorious for not lasting long especially when dropped from a considerable height.

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