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If there had been breakthroughs in the industry of writing instruments, then the Dunhill Namiki pens are one of them. These pieces carry two of the pen industry’s most formidable names: Namiki of Japan and Dunhill of London. Each of these pen makers had topnotch quality pens under their belt, but when Dunhill started distributing the new Namiki pens, which had then just perfected the Maki-e lacquering technique, pen connoisseurs all over the world have scrambled to obtain pieces for their personal collections.

Dunhill Namiki Senmen fountain Pen

Dunhill Namiki Senmen fountain Pen


The Origins Of The Dunhill Namiki Pens

These pens were still made by Namiki in Japan, but distributed throughout the world by Alfred Dunhill by virtue of a distribution agreement in 1929.

Dunhill’s international fame had been a key player in making the venture the continuing success that it is now among the community of pen collectors.

Shortly before this distribution agreement, Namiki pens in Japan had undergone a major overhaul through the incorporation of its now signature touch: the Maki-e lacquering technique, pioneered by Japan’s so-called Father of Modern Lacquer Work, Gonroku Matsuda.

The Maki-e lacquering technique involved sprinkling gold powder on lacquer-finish painting. This is an ancient art technique which had not been applied to cylindrical or barrel-type surfaces like those of a pen, let alone produced for commercial distribution.

The Aesthetics Of Dunhill Namiki Pens

The Maki-e lacquering technique is what has defined Namiki pens ever since, as Matsuda was able to masterfully train artists at Maki-e lacquering on pens. Namiki’s world-renowned designs have adopted the distinctly Japanese natural elements in its pens, intricate and handmade.

All these characterised what would become the Dunhill Namiki pen that the world of pen collectors has received very well until today. Prices of these pens are naturally by request only, as is the mark of authorised resellers of these premium fountain pens.

Samples of these specialty pens are the Limited Edition King Fisher Fountain Pen, Sakura Rose MOP 75th Ann Fountain Pen, Limited Edition Motorities Fountain Pen, Hannya Maki-e Fountain Pen, Urajiro Fountain Pen, Senmen Fountain Pen, Crane & Pine Fountain Pen, Rakucho & Cherry Blossoms Fountain Pen, Yukari Size 1996 Limited Edition Maki-e Fountain Pen-Quail, and Yukari Size 1996 Limited Edition Maki-E Fountain Pen-Hare’s Foot Fern & Dew Drops.

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