Waterman Pen

The Waterman Pen: Valuable Trivia About The Pen-Making Pioneer

Waterman pens have been witness to history, and have played their parts in it. For a pen-maker that has started in 1884, this is no surprise anymore.

The Waterman brand today includes fountain pens, rollerball pens, and ballpoint pens, all of which are testaments to what the brand has been through all these years: from the classic to the bold, all the while remaining timeless.

Origins Of The Waterman Pen

The Waterman brand was founded in New York City in 1884, obviously one of the world’s oldest pen-makers. After its American headquarters dissolved in the mid-1950s, its French counterpart ushered in a new era of innovation for the brand. Since then, the Waterman brand has reclaimed its place in the pen-making landscape with its bold designs and superior build. Waterman is now maintaining its headquarters in France.

Models Of The Waterman Pen

Some models under the Waterman brand are the Edson Diamond Black Ballpen, the Exception Silver ST Ballpen, the Exception Slim Fountain Pen, and the Serenite Blue Rollerball. There are also the Serenite Grey Fountain Pen, Serenite Grey Rollerball, and the Waterman Edson Diamond Black Fountain Pen.

The Serenite collection is one of Waterman’s best. The Serenite Wood features a unique curved pen made from the Cocobolo wood, unique, bold, and with an exquisite finish. The Serenite Blue Rollerball, meanwhile, features white gold, matter silver, and a striking colour finish. The Serenite Grey Fountain pen has the same features. Aside from these, it also has an 18k solid gold nib covered in rhodium and can be filled with either a converter or cartridge. The Serenite Rollerball, on the other hand, has a convertible roller which can be filled with roller, ballpen, or felt tip refills.


Businessmen on the go will adore the Waterman Edson Diamond Black Fountain Pen, notable for its leak-proof feature in high-pressure areas such as an airplane cabin. One of the brand’s most advanced and futuristic pens, it features an 18k gold nib and is part of the special Edson line of Waterman pens.

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