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Pelikan is a global brand and was founded in Hanover in 1832. It is a German but Swiss-incorporated manufacturer of premium fountain pens and other writing, office and art equipments.  Pelikan is also credited with the invention of the differential-piston filling method.

Pelikan “true” history began with the model “100” and the modified 100N (both fountain pens), which sparked the genesis of the company’s distinctive styling.

The modern-day range includes a popular Souverän (meaning Sovereign) line which consists of the very small M300, small M400, medium M600, large M800 and oversized M1000. A new range of large, modern pens have recently been released called ‘Toledo’, are manufactured in two sizes in Toledo in Spain. The M700 Toledo is the same size as the (new-style) M400 and the M900 is the same size as the M800.

Pelikan is also credited for making Pelikan Special Edition Pens and Pelikan Limited Edition Pens since 1993.  The first was the Blue Ocean, a transparent ‘demonstrator’ version of the M800 fountain pen.

The tradition of producing several Limited Editions showing German craftsmanship was also complemented by Pelikan Special Editions which are not produced in limited number, but for a limited time.

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The Pelikan M605 Green White Fountain Pen, the mid-size model keeps with Pelikan’s trend, predominantly over the past five years, of bringing brighter barrel colors with white resin accents to the M600 line.
For the last several years, we have seen quite a few white pens grace the M600 line starting with 2012’s Tortoiseshell-White.  Another tortoise joins the family today, bringing with it a bold and bright look.  The...
The Pelikan Classic 205 Moonstone Fountain Pen Set, inspired by the gemstone Moonstone, this series gives the mystic aura of the moonstone an outline and transforms the fascinating sparkle into a writing instrument.
This Pelikan Limited Edition Caellum and the union of the finest components and materials, masterfully combined using traditional artisan skills, make the limited edition “Caelum” a new masterpiece from Pelikan. The...
Pelikan’s “Colossus of Rhodes” fountain pen honours a technical and artistic masterpiece that is unique in terms of size and grandeur. The bronze statue of the Greek God Helios, the worshipped sun God and patron saint...
Pelikan celebrates their 175th anniversary in 2013. To share their joy, they have created this amazing lizard style pen based on a historical 1973 model. In time for the anniversary, for a limited time!
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