Antique Pens And Curios

Special selection of Antique Japanese Pen Curios and other rare unusual vintage pens for the fun and strange aspects of pen collecting. So there are many that we know but also many, we don't.  Trivial but important skills for the curious collector of Japanese and other Vintage pens because not all things are evident immediately but takes a curious mind, an observant pair of eyes and the experience to find little treasures that pepper happiness in collecting pens.

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An excellent example of Pilot Antique Bible Fountain Pen featuring John 3:16 Bible verses on the barrel in cursive engraving.  There were various versions of similar kinds of pen design for Buddhist scripture but this...
The Pilot Buddhist Scripture Fountain Pen was made of sterling silver and engraved with 260 characters from the Buddhist Sutra.  One can feel each of these characters in three dimension as you move your fingers over it.
The Pilot Antique makie fountain pen was made c. 1980s showing a pair of Birds of Paradise painted by the skillful hands of Japanese lacquer artist, Sei Katsuta.  The most attractive sight of this pen is to see the...
A design made by Ei Tagawa 田川栄 c. 1980s, it remain relevant into the 90s when Namiki make a similar design with a Namiki clip and subsequently discontinued around year 2003.  The Pilot Lovebird Fountain Pen comes in...
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