Namiki Urushi is the entry level of the largest size fountain pens for the Namiki Emperor Collection.  There are two types of Namiki Urushi fountain pens available, the vermillion red urushi and black urushi fountain pen.

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An entry level pen for the Emperor collection. It starts you off with the epitome of Namiki with such a huge pen. In spite of its size, it is not heavy because it is made of ebonite; even the feed is made of ebonite....
Listen to " The Sound Of Music" emerging from the nib as you scribble on a note pad as it spurs you on to the next idea. The Namiki Urushi Black Emperor With Rings Fountain Pen is a connosieur pen, a totally different...
The Namiki Urushi Red Emperor With Rings Fountain Pen is for one who wants to differentiate oneself from everyone else who are using a colour of convenience. In spite of its Jumbo 50 size, given to it because the...
Unlike any other black coloured pen, the Namiki Yukari Royal Black Urushi without Ring shows complete clean design with no golden trims to obstruct the aesthetic beauty of a clean design.
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