Namiki Pens

Inheriting tradition, Craftmanship Maki-e Fountain Pen

At the start of the 20th century, a fountain pen utilizing the Japanese traditional art of “Maki-e” was born. The strong and attractive body with a lacquer finish, and the fine and elegant design by the craftsmen are highly acclaimed around the world, and those skills and spirit have been passed down to the world’s most famous name in Maki-e fountain pens - NAMIKI.

In all of Japan, there are but a handful of craftsmen who still practice the traditional art of transforming gold, lacquer and silver into unique artistic expressions.  The finest of these artisans have created the beautiful, flawless writing instruments of the Namiki Collections.

Namiki offers a wide diversity of styles to suit the discriminating tastes of not only collectors and connoisseurs, but also enthusiasts who may be experiencing the joy of fine writing for the first time.  Namiki Maki-e pieces are hand-painted with intricate interpretations of nature gracing their exteriors.  Emperor and Yukari Collections, truly one of a kind works of art, appeal to the most discerning pen aficionados.  All fine Namiki products are created by Pilot "Kokokai", the group of Namiki's dedicated Maki-e artisans

Uncompromise in quality, European elegance and innovative design are benchmarks of all the Namiki Collections which include Yukari Royal, Custom Impressions, Sterling Silver, Grance and Capless or Vanishing Point.

Beyond their beauty, Namiki writing instruments are designed for daily use.  A precision nib and superior ink and lead delivery systems ensure an exceptionally smooth stroke and clean line.

In every respect, Namiki pen defines quality in premium writing instruments.

As an authorized dealer of Namiki products in Singapore, we are bounded by our agreement not to show the prices online. Please contact Elephant & Coral for more information or email at

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