The Namiki Zodiac Pen Collection comprises of 12 Chinese zodiac signs starting from Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and finally the Boar (Pig Pen). Using traditional maki-e technique of hira maki-e or flat lacquering technique and jim maki-e (gold dust sprinkle) are applied to the pen when the lacquer was half wet. The original designs were drawn by Riki Nakamachi, one of the most eminent Japanese style artists and one of the judges of the Japanese Fine Art Exhibition. The artisans of Kokkokai make every effort to depict the excellence of Namkamachi's designs on every pen using maki-e techniques like hira maki-e, jim maki-e and togidashi maki-e designs to radiate the grace and beauty of a true Namiki pen. The Namiki maki-e Zodiac Collection makes the perfect commemorative gift for retirement, birthdays and other important milestones in life.

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The Namiki Zodiac Sheep Pen shows two cute Merino sheep grazing around the lily pond are drawn using hira maki-e and with jim maki-e on the background. Personality traits of a Zodiacal Sheep are sincerity, shy,...
The last but most interesting zodiacal signs. The wild boar is drawn using hira and jim maki-e. A Zodiac Boar is gallant, trusting, scrupulous, naive and self indulgent.
Hira maki-e is applied to the Alaskan Dog with Lotus flowers in the fore and background. A Zodiacal Dog is a man's best friend and demonstrates traits of being honest, loyal, amicable, idealistic and judgmental.
The Namiki Zodiac Dragon fountain pen is drawn in hira and jim maki-e and then polished with charcoal. The most popular of the 12 Zodiacal signs. One who has strong traits of being vigorous, noble, dignified, decisive...
The prancing horse is drawn using hira maki-e and polished using charcoal. The cuscading flowers gives it a nice proportion. One is born in the Year of the Horse is usually quick-witted, perceptive, agile, intelligent...
On this Namiki Zodiac Monkey Pen, hira maki-e adores the curious looking monkeys on the barrel with plentiful of berries on the branches. The person demonstrates traits of being motivating, inquisitive, sociable,...
Hira and jim maki-e are applied to the Ox. A Zodiac Ox is a person who has traits of being dependable, patient, ambitious, modest, materialistic.
Namiki Zodiac Rat Fountain Pen 2020 are drawn with two little mice using taka maki-e with tiny maru pun gracing the foreground. Personality of a Zodiac Rat are Forthright, systematic, industrious, eloquent, obstinate.
The brass based pen has a base lacquer to it before coloured lacquer and hira maki-e is applied to the proud Rooster. Even the vibrant flowers looked like the crown of the Rooster. A Zodiac Rooster is usually...
A dark wood box is available separately if you are not buying the entire set of 12 pens. It keeps all 12 pens with a position for an ink well. Slides in and out gracefully and doors are open with 2 knobs.
The Tiger is drawn using hira and jim makie. The tiger is an approaching tiger and hence shows its comand over the area. One who is born in the Year of The Tiger can be unpredictable, passionate, rebellious,...
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