Sanyu 常玉 was born in Nanchong, Sichuan Province, on 14 October 1901.  One of the first batch of Chinese artists of the like Xu Beihong who came to France to learn the French style of painting around 1920s.

He did not get as famous as his compatriots in those times and livelihood was affected. During an opportune time in 1963, when the then Taiwan Education minister, Mr. Huang Jilu invited him to do a solo exhibition in Taiwan, he gladly accepted and dispatched 49 paintings of various sizes to Taiwan.

Considering the number of paintings he made between 1950s to 1966 when he passed away, it is a very small number compared to days when he was more prolific when Mr. Roche, who was his marketing partner. He did not made it to Taiwan as he was found dead in his apartment due to gas poisoning. A genius artist who is way ahead of his time. Just like an unpolished diamond, finally, he shines far and bright with his simple strokes and Chinese auspicious symbolism in his works. He is considered the Matisse of the Orient.

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About Sanyu ~ The Artist Sanyu was a Chinese-French artist that created prints, drawings, and paintings. His work is an amalgamation of European still-life style and figurative painting and the traditional Chinese...
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