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Pilot 100th Anniversary Starts From These Principles

Posted on10/02/2018

Pilot 100th Anniversary Starts From These Principles

It's going to be Pilot 100th Anniversary 百乐笔 100 周年纪念 in 2018 and many pen collectors know for sure that Pilot Japan is going to celebrate this in a big way.

Established in 1918 by the founders, Ryusuke Namiki and Masao Wada, Pilot (the name then was Namiki Manufacturing Co. Ltd.),  the company continued to grow to its current size and straddled across various businesses, with its core business still in disposable pens.

So, what are the guiding principles that lead The Namiki Manufacturing Co. Ltd (now Pilot Pen Corporation) to its present day glory, 100 years into the year 2018?  In Pilot Pen Corporation, it's 三者鼎立 penned by the late President, Mr. Miura Katsuo 三浦勝男 meaning the three parties namely, the manufacturer, the seller and the user must be happy to make this business viable.

Pilot Urn Tripod

Illustrated on an incense burner, which was given as a gift to Elephant & Coral by Pilot Corporation more than 15 years ago.

Pilot incense burner commemorating 80th Anniversary

It is these principles that anchored Pilot Corporation to be so successful in its pen making till 100 years today.

While we look forward to this spectacular Pilot 100th Anniversary Pen Collection from Pilot, let us look for glimpses of how it can look like from lapel pins used by Pilot staffs who are wearing it daily...

Pilot 100th Anniversary Emperor Fuji

Pilot 100th Anniversary Emperor Fuji FP nib

Pilot Pen 100th Anniversary


One thing for sure is that no resources are spared to create this Pilot Centurion collection which could be a collection of pens to show case the skills of Pilot / Namiki's artisans' skills.

Till then, you are most welcome to view in our website or visit us whenever you are in Singapore.

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