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Graf Von Faber Castell Snakewood Limited Edition Pen

Posted on04/06/2015

SG50 Graf Von Faber Castell Snakewood Limited Edition

Celebrating Singapore SG50 Jubilee Anniversary

For 50 years since 1965, Singapore strived to become a world class developed country. Few countries are known or can claimed the crown glory of Singapore’s miraculous development to its world Class developed status within such a short time. But, Singapore did it!

Celebrating the fruits of labour, Faber Castell Germany honours this extraordinary event of Singapore’s 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee with an extraordinary SG50 Golden Jubilee pen set called The Faber Castell SG50 Golden Jubilee Snake Wood Limited Edition made of precious wood – Snake Wood.

What is so extraordinary about this Faber Castell Snakewood Pen set for the Golden Jubilee? You will be surprised by the thoughts that went into the development of this Faber Castell Snakewood Golden Jubilee Limited Edition.

Capturing the success of 1996 launch of Graf Von Faber Castell Snakewood pen then, many users and pen aficionados have acquired the exquisite taste of using and collecting the Snake Wood pen which is bigger in size than the current SG50 Faber Castell Snakewood Pen. Today, that same pen goes for around US$3,000 if one can still get it. It was ordinary then but it is not now; just like Singapore.

The new Faber Castell Snakewood SG50 Limited Edition pens comprised of 1761 pieces of each design of fountain pens, roller ball, ball pens and 0.7 mechanical pencils.

The choice of Latin American Snake wood is also chosen for Graf Von Faber Castell Snake Wood Limited edition pen sets is for special reasons. In the Chinese Zodiac signs, the snake is the year 1965, the year of independence of Republic of Singapore. The honour of choosing the snake wood to produce the pen is an excellent choice for every good reasons.

However, only 50 sets worldwide made differently. The first 50 serial numbers of matching snake wood fountain pen, snake wood rollerball, snake wood ball pen and snake wood 0.7 mechanical pencils will be sold as a Golden Jubilee set. Again, there are only 50 sets that are going to be engraved with numbers eg. 33 of 50 etc up till serial number 50.

All else are without serial numbers but with a certificate stating that it is one of the combination of the 1761 (the year of Faber Castell establishment).

One more thing! Only these 50 Golden Jubilee quad sets are packed in 1 single luxurious box that other pens are singly packed.

A luxurious presentation worthwhile to sing praises for the many years of labour this small nation has gone through.

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