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Pilot Capless Kanreki Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Pilot Capless Kanreki represents 60th Anniversary of Pilot Capless since it was first designed and produced.  Pilot Capless Kanreki marks a new milestone in the world of fountain pens with its remarkable retractable...
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Reiwa Beginning of a New Dawn

Come 1 May 2019, Japan will officially be starting a new era – Reiwa 令和 with the new Emperor Naruhito 天皇德仁, who will become the 126th emperor of Japan.  Some interesting pens from Pilot is most likely to be in the...
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A 100 Years of Pilot Japan 百樂七福神筆百年紀念系列

Celebrating 100 Years of Pilot Japan  Pilot Pen Japan celebrates 100th Anniversary of its founding since 1918 with the launch of four pen designs to commemorate this important milestone.  Indeed, 100 years is a...
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Flexing Your Pen Muscles With A Pilot Custom Urushi Fountain Pen...

Flexing Your Pen muscles Pilot Custom Urushi Fountain Pen Flexible Nib 百乐大黑漆钢笔 Many fountain pen users like to use antique pens as they find the fountain pen nibs exhibit a lot of flexibility not available in newer...
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Pilot 100th Anniversary Pen For Corporate Japan

Pilot 100th Anniversary Pen Made for Corporate Japan When Jen told me on the phone she got a Pilot 100th Anniversary pen as a gift last week, I was stunned.  Curious that even Elephant & Coral have not seen the...
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Pilot 100th Anniversary Starts From These Principles

Pilot 100th Anniversary Starts From These Principles It's going to be Pilot 100th Anniversary 百乐笔 100 周年纪念 in 2018 and many pen collectors know for sure that Pilot Japan is going to celebrate this in a big way.
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Special Tribute To Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell

Special Tribute To Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber Castell Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, the Eighth Generation family entrepreneur of the famous Faber-Castell brand, known for its pencils since 1761, has...
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The Extraordinary Tomihiro Murakami Collection

Collectors of maki-e pens would have definitely come across the book written by Mr Tomihiro Murakami: Dunhill-Namiki and Lacquer Pens: Maki-e Pens Guidebook.
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Collaboration with Our Designers

Every collaboration with our designers has been both a privilege and an inspiring experience for Elephant & Coral to pursue a new frontier in the world of design and innovation for designer products in our daily...
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Face to Face with Legendary Namiki Master – Kyusai Yoshida (Kokkokai)

The experience of meeting one of the most extraordinary urushi masters of Namiki, Mr Kyusai Yoshida, is both exhilarating and exciting for someone who has seen and transacted the many breath-taking masterpieces he had...
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