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Dunhill Namiki ~ An Interesting Story Of How Singapore Played A...

Dunhill Namiki was introduced to the world because of the need to bring Japanese made Namiki fountain pens to the international market when the sales agreement was signed between Alfred Dunhill and Namiki Pen...
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Collector Pens

There are so many factors that determine what Collector Pens should be. It can be the style of the pen; the theme of the collection, the method of production of the pen or specific materials that are used on the pen...
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The Extraordinary Tomihiro Murakami Collection

Collectors of maki-e pens would have definitely come across the book written by Mr Tomihiro Murakami: Dunhill-Namiki and Lacquer Pens: Maki-e Pens Guidebook.
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A Heritage of Maki-e Pens: The Briggs Collection - The Best Book On...

In this book, many never seen before Japanese maki-e pens were featured in high resolution, magnified and presented in the best angle to show to new and seasoned Namiki pen collectors, the intricacies and the fine art...
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Collaboration with Our Designers

Every collaboration with our designers has been both a privilege and an inspiring experience for Elephant & Coral to pursue a new frontier in the world of design and innovation for designer products in our daily...
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Face to Face with Legendary Namiki Master – Kyusai Yoshida (Kokkokai)

The experience of meeting one of the most extraordinary urushi masters of Namiki, Mr Kyusai Yoshida, is both exhilarating and exciting for someone who has seen and transacted the many breath-taking masterpieces he had...
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Elephant & Coral Poetry Award Singapore

Elephant & Coral marked its 9th Anniversary with a Poetry Competition.  Together with Pilot Pen Japan, Elephant & Coral commissioned a special collection of urushi maki-e pen , Pilot Seki Shun Collection 惜春 to...
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Kane Bounty Rare Pen Collection

When I first saw Kane Bounty on Pen World, he came across to me as a Canadian celebrity with deep-set shinning eyes and profound features. Least to expect, behind such a handsome face was a creative mind who did one...
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The World’s Smallest Pencil by Faber-Castell

What is so special about “The World’s Smallest Pencil”? First of all, the pencil lead is made of real graphite and the pencil itself is made of the same wood as if it is a real pencil. Measuring 1.75cm and presented...
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Reunification Through Time – A Chance Encounter with Late Namiki...

Ms Yoko Namiki was browsing for daily items along Orchard Road to replenish her new home in Singapore. It was a fresh start for the housewife who had just followed her husband in his new posting as a visiting teaching...
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