Hand Stitched Leather Single Pen Case Wine with Navy

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Leather Single Pen Case

An unusual leather single pen case designed and handcrafted by Japanese artisan T.AKuya with precision and fine craftmanship to fit Japanese pens.  In particular, many find it hard to get the right size of leather pen case to safekeep prestigious Namiki Emperor size pens and Namiki Yukari Royal size fountain pens and rollerballs. This dark brown leather single pen case is creatively designed to make it look just like a pair of Derby leather shoes.  Hand stitches are evident at the seams and near a clip rest is cut at one edge to allow the pen to be clipped firmly to the pen case without falling out. Smart and elegant, it sits with a flat side on the table when one places the single leather pen case on the table.  There are no similar design of single leather pen case that looks and feels with the kind of luxury leather and craftsmanship of real leather.  Colours available are orange, burgundy, red, dark brown and black.  

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