10 Watches Chest

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The Mini Happy Buddha Pen Holder is a delightful objet d'art on the table.  Recognized as a symbol of  happiness and prosperous wealth from his smiley face and his big tummy. His upheld arms allows one single pen to...
The Poetic Muscleman Pen Holder has been an all time favourite because of its neat but artistic illustration of the human body.  Holding high up for one single pen on its upheld arms to give aesthetic appeal to the...
The Soaring Eagle Pen Holder looks like a huge silver coin which rests on a flat surface.  The pen rests vertically on the silverish Soaring Eagle Pen Holder as if it is the body of the soaring eagle.  Give this gift...
The Thought Aqueduct Pen Holder holds a pen horizontally as if it is on an Aqueduct Bridge.  Some finds it with good feng shui too as it transports water, which means "wealth".  It is an excellent paper weight as well.
In this creative Scales of Justice Pen Holder, the pen is held safely by the side of the Lady Justice.  An ideal gift for one who practices in the legal profession.
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