Humming Bird Pen Holder

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Humming Bird Pen Holder

The Humming Bird obtained its name from the humming sound created by their beating wings which flap at high frequencies audible to humans.  The Humming Bird Pen Holder is an interesting gift for nature lovers.  Each pen is held firmly between the wings of two Humming Birds to prevent it from rolling on the table.

Desk Accessory & You

Anything that’s on a desk to create that decorative purpose or to get that task of holding up your writing tools when you write can make and break your day. It is on this humble desk that each desk accessory can make an impressive day for you ahead.

It can be the coolest desk lamp which lights up when you are drafting your work report or the warm ambient light making way for an evening of relaxing reading. The desk accessories on your desk are always going to be inspiring, comforting and practical, without losing that essential sense of style and aesthetics.

You will definitely find something interesting to take away when you visit Elephant & Coral even when if you are looking to give your existing pen stand a gorgeous makeover with a touch of nostalgic “Back to School” elegance or using the mechanical pencil sharpener to give yourself that much desired go slow day.

Desk accessory is always about reducing those clutter on your desk and giving yourself that nostalgic but warm feeling of using something that understands your needs and to bring everything on your desk housekeeping in order. It makes every item on your desk an instant conversational piece and an inspiration for the user to feel and touch the items once again in style and character.

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