Graf von Faber Castell Perfect Pencil Grey Platinum

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Graf von Faber Castell Perfect Pencil Grey Platinum

The iconic Graf von Faber Castell Perfect Pencil Grey Platinum comes with a platinum-plated pencil extender housing a built-in sharpener and a replaceable eraser under the cap at the end of the pencil. This particular model comes with a midnight grey guilloche pocket pencil which can be replaced in sets of five and extra erasers can be purchased as a box of four. You have everything you need at the ready; for writing, correcting and sharpening!

About Graf von Faber Castell

The legacy unveals from the idea of enclosing a thin graphite lead in a wooden casing was several hundred years old; it was not new when the ancestors of Faber Castell founded a pencil factory in 1761.  It was only when the great great grandfather of Baron Lothar von Faber, who took over the family firm in 1839, was the first to turn the pencil into a genuity quality product of functionality and the world's First Brand Name writing implement. Standards for the length, diameter and hardness of pencils; standards which apply till today.  He was credited for creating a series of fascinating products which continued to set an example of Simplicity and Design. The GrandFather of Count Anton von Faber Castell; Count Alexander zu Castell-Rudenhausen carried on this tradition.  The Faber Castell company which takes its name from Count Anton's grandfather's marriage to Lothar von Faber's granddaughter Ottilie, is not only the oldest manufacturer of wood cased pencils, but also the world's best known name in graphite and colour pencils. Graf von Faber Castell 's  elegant design continued to reign till today more than 250 years later.  With wonderful collections like the Pen of The Year POY and classic quality collections like the pernambuco wood, ebony and its iconic Perfect Pencil still the favourite of many generations to come. Timeless design remains the heart of the company since then and will continue to be so to bring the life Simplicity Is A Luxury Itself; an embodiment of luxury of simplicity, harmonious combination of selected quality materials, aesthetic looks and a high standard of functionalism. Visit Elephant & Coral Singapore to see more of Graf Von Faber Castell's collection

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