Pilot 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Seven Gods of Good Fortune

In order to celebrate our centenary milestone, we are proud to present The Japanese Seven Gods of Good Fortune, a collection of superb fountain pens created through the collective craftsmanship of the KOKKOKAI group of Maki-e artisans.

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Pilot 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Seven Gods of Good Fortune 

In order to celebrate our centenary milestone, we are proud to present The Pilot Anniversary Limited Edition Seven Gods of Good Fortune a collection of superb fountain pens created through the collective craftsmanship of the KOKKOKAI group of Maki-e artisans.  The KOKKOKAI is a group of artisans that formed, in 1931, around the late Gonroku Matsuda, who was later to become Japan's most respected Maki-e artisan and a Living National Treasure. Today, the members of the KOKKOKAI—which include Maki-e artisans both working for and independent of PILOT—continue to create superlative lacquer art in order to continue Matsuda's legacy as a Maki-e master. This collectible set of superlative lacquerware pens, entitled The Pilot 100th Anniversary Seven Gods of Good Fortune 七福神, has been crafted by 11 veteran artisans, each highly trained in the intricate skills required by their respective disciplines of Maki-e, Chinkin (Gold Inlay) and Nuri (lacquer application). It is a limited edition set of 25 which will be sold worldwide. The set presents the seven deities associated with good fortune in Japan—Ebisu, Daikoku-ten, Bishamon-ten, Benzai-ten, Fuku-roku-ju, Juro-jin and Hotei-son—in Togidashi-Taka Maki-e (Burnished-Raised Maki-e) on seven fountain pens in a design prevalent in the early Showa period, namely a ringtop model with no clip. In this special Pilot 100th Anniversary Limited Edition of 25 sets (there will be another similar design, with clips and limited edition of 150 sets); it is accompanied with a beautiful Togidashi maki-e Pen tray featuring a three dimensional high relief Tsuru Crane and turtle representing longevity and peace.  A special Shichi-fukujin whisky accompanies this specail set; ask for this special gift. The entire pen set is presented in an immaculately decorated makie box showing the Shichi-fukujin setting sail in the vast sea in a Treasure boat (illustrated in Tak maki-e) with the snow capped Mount Fuji (executed in chinkin, tenbori - gold inlay and dots carving Chinkin) in the distant. Call us at +65-6736-1322 or contact us at sales@elephant-coral.com for order and purchase.

About Pilot Pen

The Pilot Pen Corporation was founded by Ryosuke Namiki with Masao Wada in 1918 under the name of the Namiki Manufacturing Company. Pilot Fountain Pen  is well known globally as the best Japanese pen manufacturer producing fine writing instruments and stationery and to some extent, jewellery.

Being the largest pen manufacturer in Japan, many Pilot Fountain Pens are produced purely for the usage of domestic market. However, some premium range of limited edition, special editions were open for international markets.

Known for its Japanese maki-e fountain pens, Pilot Fountain Pen is widely recognized as the leader in luxury Japanese lacquer pens among many other Japanese maki-e pen brands in Japan. Pilot Fountain Pens are excellent in choices of nibs and the quality of rollerballs and ball pens.

On special occasions, like Pilot’s anniversary, Limited Edition Pens and Special Edition maki-e Pilot Anniversary Pens were produced to mark the milestone of the company’s journey. These are the highest in quality and usually made to pay homage to Japanese unique culture and heritage.

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