Pilot Coronation Limited Edition Phoenix Fountain Pen

Pilot Limited Edition Coronation Phoenix Fountain Pen is to commemorate the coronation of the new Japanese Emperor Naruhito.

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Pilot Coronation Limited Edition Coronation Phoenix Fountain Pen 

On 1 May 2019, Japan welcomed a new era; REIWA (令和) which means Beautiful Harmony.  It marks an end to the Heisei period which ended on 30 April 2019.  Reiwa is also the first time, a Japanese era name with characters taken from Japanese classical literature instead of classic Chinese literature. Pilot honours the new era and Emperor Naruhito Coronation with a limited edition of 800 fountain pens which shows a beautiful golden phoenix on the barrel decorated in taka maki-e and gold dust while the cap is decorated with camellia. The camellia is an early spring flower native to Asia. In Japanese, this flower is known as tsubaki. They were very popular with nobles during the Edo Period.  Each pen is fitted with a 18kt solid gold size 10 nib and works with a cartridge converter. The current shape of the pen is rounded at the ends while the former Pilot Coronation pen Hou Ou made in November 1990 was flat type.  The details on the clip is also similar but with two outward pointing arrows up and down as compared to three outward pointing arrows up and down. Pilot Coronation Pen clip The packaging of the Pilot Coronation Phoenix Fountain pen has an octagonal shaped paulounia wood box which comes with a bottle of ink that has an ink cap showing “Reiwa 2019.5.1”and the camellia flower.  The uniqueness of this sacred geometry when viewing the octagon, there are two shapes coming together as one; which is the circle and square. The circle represents heaven and the square represents earth, thus unifying these two energies through an infinite connection. The Pilot Coronation Limited Edition Phoenix Fountain Pen is a limited edition of 800 pens worldwide. Call us at +65-6736-1322 or contact us at sales@elephant-coral.com for order and purchase.

About Pilot Pen

The Pilot Pen Corporation was founded by Ryosuke Namiki with Masao Wada in 1918 under the name of the Namiki Manufacturing Company. Pilot Fountain Pen  is well known globally as the best Japanese pen manufacturer producing fine writing instruments and stationery and to some extent, jewellery. Being the largest pen manufacturer in Japan, many Pilot Fountain Pens are produced purely for the usage of domestic market. However, some premium range of limited edition, special editions were open for international markets. Known for its Japanese maki-e fountain pens, Pilot Fountain Pen is widely recognized as the leader in luxury Japanese lacquer pens among many other Japanese maki-e pen brands in Japan. Pilot Fountain Pens are excellent in choices of nibs and the quality of rollerballs and ball pens. On special occasions, like Pilot’s anniversary, Limited Edition Pens and Special Edition maki-e Pilot Anniversary Pens were produced to mark the milestone of the company’s journey. These are the highest in quality and usually made to pay homage to Japanese unique culture and heritage.

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