Sailor Tale of Genji Fuji No Uraba Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Sailor Tale of Genji Fuji-No-Uraba Limited Edition Fountain Pen, "KOHI” Collection, individually numbered - 88 pieces worldwide.

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Sailor Tale of Genji Fuji No Uraba Limited Edition Fountain Pen

“The Tale of Genji” is a book written thousands of years ago in the capital Heian (now Kyoto).  It is the oldest and best-preserved complete novel in the world and is fully included in the world literary heritage.  The impact of “The Tale of Genji” in the literary field is remarkable and its effect is still evident in traditional Japanese culture.  The “Kohi – The Tale of Genji” series was produced by a young and energetic Kyoto artist: Misaku Azumai. Miss Azumai was born in Kyoto, and after high school, she studied Maki-e techniques at the Kyoto art school. The ten drawings and the relative ten pens are based on a selection of the various stories told in the various chapters of the original book. Hahakigi – The Broom Tree – Chapter 2 Yugao – Moonflower – Chapter 4 Hana-no-en – The Cherry Feast – Chapter 8 Sakaki – The Sacred Tree – Chapter 10 Hana-chiru-sato – The Orange Blossom Village – Chapter 11 Matsukaze – The Wind in the Pine Trees – Chapter 18 Hotaru – Fireflies – Chapter 25 Fuji-no-Uraba – Wisteria Leaves – Chapter 33 Minori – The Law – Chapter 39 Agemaki – Clover – Chapter 47 The Sailor Tale of Genji Fuji-No-Uraba Limited Edition Fountain Pen hales from the “KOHI” Collection which are individually numbered – 88 pieces worldwide. The designs are made with the beautiful Japanese technique of Maki-e on the basic model of Sailor Classic 1911 design.  The golden nibs are made in 21kt gold with a cartridge converter loading.

About Sailor Pen Japan

Sailor Pen Japan was founded in 1911 by Kyugoro Sakata, an engineer from the historic naval port of Hiroshima in Japan, who was introduced to a Fountain Pen brought from England by a sailor friend. He was determined to produce a finely crafted Japanese writing instrument with the highest specification and writing experience.

The company was named Sailor Pen with the aspiration of expanding this homegrown name, Sailor Pen, internationally like the voyages of a Sailor.

Sailor Pen became the first company to produce Fountain Pens for the domestic Japanese market and it is credited to be one of the oldest established pen companies in Japan. Sailor Pen has continued to maintain its heritage of quality and technical excellence over more than a 100 years since then.

Today, Sailor Pens are remembered by any avid fountain pen users as the gold standard in Japanese fountain pen nib making from its late nib artisan, Nagahara Nobuyoshi 長原宣義. Many nib designs by Sailor Pen are hotly sought after by collectors for its extraordinary writing ability like the Sailor Concorde nib which allows one to write in both fine nib and brush strokes font style on just one fountain pen nib by turning it upside down.

Sailor Pen is also well known for making Japanese makie fountain pens which are usually made by master Japanese artisans in Kaga  makie style. Notable Sailor Limited Edition fountain pens made to commemorate its 100th Anniversary in Arita, Sailor Limited Edition Noto Nogoro Fountain pens and Nagahara Nobuyoshi’s Retirement Pens are just some of the many popular fountain pens made by the Japanese pen manufacturer based in Hiroshima.

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