Namiki Limited Edition Tanuki Racoon Dog Fountain Pen

Namiki Limited Edition Tanuki Racoon Dog Fountain Pen has lovely and charming tanuki figurines that are said to be auspicious and beneficial to those who own them.
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Namiki Limited Edition Tanuki Racoon Dog Fountain Pen

 Namiki captures the charm and cuteness of Tanuki figurines with its 2021’s Limited Edition to bring about good wishes of auspicious and beneficial to those who own them. The reason why the Namiki Limited Edition Tanuki Rancoon Dog Fountain Pen is said to be talismans lies in their name. When one writes the word tanuki in phonetic-equivalent characters, it means ‘to outdo the others’, and thus the figurines are placed in shopfront and carry with them wishes for business prosperity. Namiki Limited Edition Tanuki Fountain Pen encapsulates the meaning in each of a total of eight attributes in tanuki figurines. Called them the Eight Blessings, these are the 1. Straw hat 2. Eyes 3. Happy face 4. Belly 5. flask (of sake) 6. Account ledger 7. Tail, and finally 8. The Large scrotum.
  1. The straw hat that a tanuki wears will protect you from evil and disasters.
  2. The eyes of a tanuki are big enough to enable them to quickly size up customers just by looking at them and to be attentive.
  3. A smile that is important in business is what makes the people around us happy and us happy in life, and we are calling attention to the importance of smiling so that people are able to spend their lives happily even in difficult times.
  4. A tanuki’s big belly conveys a sense of security and carries the meaning of making up your mind and calmly deciding on things.
  5. The sake flask that a tanuki is holding in its paw means that you should eat and drink in moderation. Like the Japanese character for eight on the sake flask—a reference to a tanuki’s Eight Virtues—it means that, by accumulating good deeds, you can change your daily routine and that your business will be successful.
  6. The other thing that the tanuki is holding is an account ledger. In the old days, shop owners would allow customers to shop on account, which signified a relationship of trust with the customer.
  7. As a tanuki’s tail is thick, supports its body and is said to be well-balanced, its meaning is of a sense of stability.
  8. Finally, the tanuki’s scrotum—a literal translation of the Japanese slang word would be ‘money bag’—carries the meaning of making a lot of money.
Each Namiki Tanuki Limited Edition Fountain Pen are fitted with an 18kt solid gold fountain pen nib.  To preserve the exclusiveness of Namiki’s tradition of quality and refine craftsmanship, a very small collection of only 300 pieces of fountain pens will be made. Namiki incorporated and depicted the thought that each and every person who holds one Namiki Limited Edition Tanuki Racoon Dog Fountain Pen in his or her hand will be able to spend his or her time happily. Call us at 67361322 or for more information.

About Namiki

Namiki is the surname of Ryosuke Namiki, the founder of the Pilot, named Namiki Manufacturing Company until 1938 when it became Pilot Pen Co., Ltd.. The brand name Namiki came to fame in the early 20th Century when Dunhill retailed in the west the Maki-e pens produced by Pilot under the brand Dunhill-Namiki. This partnership has continued to the present day (occasionally Namiki makes a Limited Edition for Dunhill) although Namiki has always been owned by Pilot. The premium Namiki ranges include the Emperor Collection, Yukari Royale, and Yukari Collection, and this is the brand used by Pilot to sell their the high valued Maki-e pens worldwide.
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