Sailor Nawate Haku Chirashi Kaku 21K Nib Fountain Pen

Nib :                  21K Gold IP plating

Type :                Converter & Cartridge type

Material :           Cap: Urushi lacquer

Barrel: Urushi lacquer

Gripping Section: PMMA resin

Specifications : Cap: Stria shaping / metal foil

Barrel: metal foil

Size :                 Φ18.7×151.6mm

Weight :            31.0g

Package :          Original package (207×91×70mm)

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We named this series “NAWATE” as the vertical striation in the cap is the most characteristic feature of these fountain pen.

The renowned Aizu-nuri technique of Urushi lacquer art was born in the Aizu region of the western part of Fukushima Prefecture and has been popular since the Edo Period.  The humid local climate, typical of basin-shaped valleys, is ideal for handling Urushi.  A wide variety of beautiful decorations are used, including traditional symbols of good fortune.  The fine, shallow engravings of decorations give the designs an elegantly gentle expression.

Cap Featuring Stria Shaping. Lacquer artist, Toru Yoshida, is the third generation head of “Shikko Yoshida”, an “Urushi (Japanese lacquer)” atelier in the Aizu Wakamatsu region.  He does not limit himself to the Aizu-nuri lacquering technique, but fuses various forms and techniques that best suit each lacquerware he crafts.

His ingenuity has given birth to Sailor Pen’s Traditional Japanese Lacquer Art NAWATE Haku-chirashi Kaku Fountain Pens.  The striation that flows vertically through the fountain pen cap gives it the visual effect of being elegantly long and provides a stable grip for capping and uncapping.  It is a masterpiece of beautility.

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