Sailor Special Edition Arita Porcelain Fountain Pen Gen Emon Flower And Castle


Sailor Special Edition Arita Porcelain Fountain Pen

Gen Emon Flower And Castle

Some 250 years have passed since Gen-emon kiln was established in Zemeki, Arita. Throughout those long years, Gen-emon kiln has preserved the tradition of "Old Imari" by producing beautiful porcelain which has attracted people of various time to Gen-emon.  During its long history, there have been hard times such as the Meji restoration and World War II.  The wartime was particularly hard because the entire nation was involved in national defense activities under a controlled economy.  However, Gen-emon kiln was designated as an authorised kiln to produce artistic porcelain. The characteristic styles of Gen-emon kiln, which are highly regarded both in Japan and abroad, can be seem in its present products.  One can see the simple, but free and easy style of Early Imari, plus the brilliant and dignified style of Exported Imari, which requires skillful brushwork.  In addition, an original Gen-emon style based on the Imari styles has been established which successfully reflects contemporary tastes. The outstanding feature of Gen-emon kiln is that each product is formed and painted by hand, utilising the traditional techniques of Arita porcelain. Because of the difficulty of firing porcelain requires perfect work in each process, a specialised systematic process was developed here in Arita. In porcelain production, it is necessary for individual artisans to do their best work in their own areas of expertise.  Areas of expertise include throwing, painting, glazing, and firing with everyone giving great attention to materials.  Gen-emon kiln uses unique clay, glaze, fuel (Japanese red pine), and pigments.  Gen-emon kiln porcelain is the culmination of creativity and effort involving the entire kiln. Each Sailor Special Edition Arita Porcelain Fountain Pen is fitted with a solid 21kt gold nib and can be filled as cartridge or converter. At the same time, our piece is uniquely fitted with a Naginata Concord nib.

About Sailor Pen Japan

Sailor Pen Japan was founded in 1911by Kyugoro Sakata, an engineer from the historic naval port of Hiroshima in Japan, who was introduced to a Fountain Pen brought from England by a sailor friend. He was determined to produce a finely crafted Japanese writing instrument with the highest specification and writing experience. The company was named Sailor Pen with the aspiration of expanding this home grown name, Sailor Pen, internationally like the voyages of a Sailor. Sailor Pen became the first company to produce Fountain Pens for domestic Japanese market and it is credited to be one of the oldest established pen companies in Japan. Sailor Pen has continued to maintain its heritage of quality and technical excellence over more than a 100 years since then. Today, Sailor Pens are remembered by any avid fountain pen users as the gold standard in Japanese fountain pen nib making from its late nib artisan, Nagahara Nobuyoshi長原宣義. Many nib designs by Sailor Pen are hotly sought after by collectors for its extraordinary writing ability like the Sailor Concorde nib which allows one to write in both fine nib and brush strokes font style on just one fountain pen nib by turning it upside down. Sailor Pen is also well known for making Japanese makie fountain pens which are usually made by master Japanese artisans in Kaga makie style. Notable Sailor Limited Edition fountain pens made to commemorate its 100th Anniversary in Arita, Sailor Limited Edition Noto Nogoro Fountain pens and Nagahara Nobuyoshi’s Retirement Pens are just some of the many popular fountain pens made by the Japanese pen manufacturer based in Hiroshima.
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