Omas 360 Resin Brown Rose Rollerball Pen

The Omas 360 Resin Brown Rose Rollerball Pen has a triangular body which is based on ergonomic principles and combines a perfect grip and nib angle if it is for Fountain Pen.
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Omas 360 Resin Brown Rose Rollerball Pen

The most revolutionary collection of writing instruments of our time.

The Omas 360 Resin Brown Rose Rollerball Pen has a triangular body which is based on ergonomic principles and combines a perfect grip and nib angle. The 360 Collection won the important Readers’ Pen World Choice Award as “Brand Icon” (USA – 2008).

The precious Cotton Resin in the new brown colour and its elegant rose trim make this collection extremely fashionable and sophisticated. True emblem of OMAS design and innovation, the 360 Collection reinterprets its codes of style and confirms itself as a very avant-garde writing instrument. Its triangular shape is based on ergonomic principles and combines a perfect grip and a nib angle, which makes this pen unique. The triangular shape in the cap head leaves space for OMAS’s “O” icon. The knob tapers off, as if it was designed by the wind, and it highlights the pen’s design. The Clip, also triangular in shape, seems to be just lightly resting on the front of the cap. The rings, engraved with the Greek key pattern, highlight the OMAS elegant classic taste. Designed with the aim of enhancing the pleasure of writing, the new 360 has the grip triangular in shape, so as to favour the manageability whilst writing. The innovative bayonet closing system, that allows an even simpler and more reliable use of the writing instrument, makes this pen one of the most innovative products of our time. A collection with strong personality, symbol of Italian luxury and Made in Italy style.

About Omas

Omas was established in  Bologna, Italy in 1925 by Armando Simoni  who designed equipments and tools for the company to make the Omas Pens.  The name OMAS comes from the first letters of Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni, a name synonymous to quality and contemporary design today.

Some of the most iconic designs of OMAS includes the vintage Omas Doctor Pen which allows a thermometer to be inserted into the pen, Omas Art Italiana Collection, Omas 360 Collection with a triangular body to maximize grip and writing comfort.

The largest size pen manufactured as a non-limited edition in the OMAS stable include the 12-faceted Paragon, the second largest being the Milord Collection. Omas product range was last updated in 2005 with the Milord model which has the size of the pre-2005 Paragon model. OMAS continued to release Limited editions based on their earlier style pens.  Other luxury collection include the Apollo 11 Collection, Atlantide Collection, Merville Du Monde and the Almirante Collection.

In 2000, the French company LVMH acquired OMAS from the heirs of Armando Simoni. Subsequently, in October 2007 the Xinyu Hengdeli Group 亨得利 of Hong Kong purchased 90% equity stake in OMAS.  It was subsequently sold to another Chinese company O-Luxe.

As at this time of writing, OMAS pens have become such a collectible pen that exudes luxury and contemporary design of modern times.  Hence, with the company on liquidation since 2015, Omas is definitely a very collectible pen.

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