Stipula Vedo Jade Pen on Italian Pen Sale

A variation of the original Vedo piston-fill fountain pen, the Vedo Twist Roller gives the collection a new “twist” with a more streamlined form and twist roller. The sleek barrel of the Vedo Twist embodies simplicity and style, hallmarks of classic Florentine elegance. Its easy-to-use twist roller and compact size make it practical for everyday use.
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Stipula Vedo Jade Piston-fill Pen Italian Pen Sale

Limited Stock of Stipula Vedo Jade Piston-fill acrylic resins Fountain Pen is available in this Italian Pen Sale.  The Stipula Vedo Jade pen is fitted with a stainless steel Stub Nib.  It has a beautiful turquoise colour resin with a clear transparent window to see the ink level within the ink chamber.  It operates using a piston filler which makes it one of the easiest pen to use for new users. Limited stocks available with this nib.

About Stipula Pens

Tha Stipula story begins in 1973 when Renzo Salvadori - a man of great esthetic sensibility and an extraordinary creative talent - founded this small family business - originally specializing in enameling - in Florence, Italy.

A love of fountain pens and the subsequent decision to focus solely on them came about quickly.  Stipula initiated its foray into the fascinating but fading world when it began  producing writing instruments for world renown fashion labels.  Stipula has been for over 30 years a team of individuals who create their own pen designs and produces their lines of pens at their factory in Florence.

The name Stipula alludes to the straw that the ancient Romans used to break as a sign of acceptance of an obligation.  Stipula is thus synonymous with commitment to creating the best of the best.  Faithfully to the traditions of the Florentine craftsmen, Stipula has succeeded in uniting ancient techniques with modern technology to create products of superb workmanship.  Excellence in engineering and design, as well as a unique production philosophy, make the Stipula pen a collector's item, the value of which transcends the present to draw force and harmony from the past.

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