Sanyu Gladioli And Cat Rare Print

About Sanyu ~ The Artist

Sanyu was a Chinese-French artist that created prints, drawings, and paintings. His work is an amalgamation of European still-life style and figurative painting and the traditional Chinese calligraphy. Considered a master of form and color, he was sometimes referred to as “the Chinese Matisse.” Born Chang Yu 常玉 in 1901, Nanchong, China, and gain in depth foundation in calligraphy and painting from a young age. In 1921, he travelled to Paris to study at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts and the Académie de la Grande Chaumière. It was in Paris that he was greatly inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse

In 1948, Sanyu travelled to New York where he became a close friend of the photographer Robert Frank. It was Robert Frank who later established the Sanyu Scholarship Fund in Yale University in his honour. In March 2017, for the first time, Sanyu’s largest collection of works were finally exhibited at the National Museum of History in Taiwan from 11 March to 2 July,  2017.  The exhibition “Parisian Nostalgia” or in Chinese “常玉相思巴黎展” was a huge success. Sanyu died in his studio of gas poisoning on August 12, 1966 in Paris, France.

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Sanyu Gladioli And Cat 猫与剑兰

Sanyu Gladioli And Cat  in its original painting was painted with oil on board and measures 123 cm by 139 cm and unsigned. In this large format rare print, Sanyu Gladioli And Cat 猫与剑兰 measures 143 cm wide by 130 cm high with the white frame and museum quality ultra violet protective shield. 

Only a limited edition of 199 pieces are produced worldwide by the National Museum of History of Taipei. The painting exhibits Sanyu's skills in illustrating motion in waiting from the domestic cat creeping over the edge of the table.  The majority of the print is lime yellow in colour with the table painted white.

Each painting comes originally with a decorated box and certificates which are kept separately. The serial number and the official seal from the museum is visible on the bottom right hand corner. For more information on prices and availability please visit us or call +65-6736 1322 and

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