Yayoi Kusama Infinity Net Print


Yayoi Kusama Infinity Net Print

This Yayoi Kusama Infinity Net Print is hand signed Yayoi Kusama  and serial number #XX/50.  The Infinity Net of Yayoi Kusama encompasses the deep relationship she has had with meshes and infinitism. Yayoi Kusama once said "My Infinity Net paintings and Accumulation works had different origins from the European monochrome works. They were about an obsession: infinite repetition. In the 1960s, I said: I feel as if I were driving on the highways or carried on a conveyor belt without ending until my death. This is like continuing to drink thousands of cups of coffee or eating thousands of feet of macaroni… I am deeply terrified by the obsessions crawling over my body, whether they come from within me or from outside. I fluctuate between feelings of reality and unreality." - Yayoi Kusama (Yayoi Kusama, Akira Tatehata in conversation, Press Play: Contemporary Artists in Conversation, London, 2005 p. 426) Other details: Screen print of 2 screens of  2 colours and 2 runs Image size: 27 cm x 31.5 cm Sheet size: 33 cm x 40 cm Frame size:  54 cm x 42.2 cm Paper: Verin d'Árches Publisher: Gendai-Hanga Center, Tokyo Printer: Students of The Art School (Bigakkou) supervised by Okabe Tokuzo Frame is a beige-colored wooden frame.  Reference 14 of Yayoi Kusama Prints 1979 – 2013 (Page 19) For more information on price and condition, please direct your enquiry to sales@elephant-coral.com 

Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama was born  on March 22, 1929, Matsumoto, Japan.  Yayoi Kusama is an iconic Japanese artist who was a self-described “obsessional artist.” She employed painting, sculpture, performance art, and installations in a variety of styles, including Pop art and Minimalism. Yayoi Kusama has described in her art that yellow is her favorite color.  Hence, it is not difficult to identify many of Yayoi Kusama’s artworks featured her favorite color, Yellow.  Her works on Yellow Pumpkin, like the Infinity Net, became a kind of alter ego for her. She has since completed major outdoor sculptural commissions, mostly in the form of brightly hued, monstrous plants and flowers. Yayoi Kusama art is also evident in her fashion collaboration with Louis-Vutton, France on their bags which were probably one of the fastest world best sellers could ever happen. In 2017, Singaporeans and worldwide visitors to Singapore will have a chance to visit Yayoi Kusama Singapore 2017 exhibition at the National Gallery Singapore featuring close to 200 pieces of her exhibits. Lately on 9 August 2021, Yayoi Kusama's Yellow Pumpkin sculpture installed in Naoshima was dislodged by the powerful typhoon as reported by the media.
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