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Posted on29/01/2014


When did Dunhill Namiki Fountain Pen - Soul of Japan starts?

When Japan Namiki wants to sell its maki-e lacquer fountain pens in Europe; who do they ask to represent them?
It was Dunhill who first collaborated with Namiki in 1930s when the latter wanted to have Namiki Fountain pens represented in Europe. Together, they signed an agreement and named the representaion - Dunhill Namiki.

Since then, Dunhill Namiki has been synonymous to fine Japanese art of maki-e (lacquered) fountain pens which has gain international prestige for its exquisite quality, fine craftsmanship and strong after sales service.

Are Dunhill Namikis a run of the mill fountain pens?

The main centers that were selling Dunhill Namikis were New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Singapore. However, it stopped production for a while until 1996 when it re-emerged as the iconic brand to produce well known pens like Quail, Rokucho Birds, Hare Fernfoot and Cranes in limited edition.

The success of Dunhill Namiki is not without reasons. Interestingly, the 2 largest groups of Dunhill Namiki collectors come from USA and Europe. The unusual presentation of iconic features in nature and the drawing of miniature paintings on the fountain pens have impressed upon customers from the 2 continents.

Thereafter, it had captured the hearts of many worldwide collectors with its huge size Sakura Rose (limited edition of 25 pieces) and Senmian (limited edition of 25). Again, in 2011, it stopped production again due to sudden contraction of domestic demand in Japan further ensuring that the pens are not only rare but will be very expensive.

Any market Auction prices For Dunhill Namikis?

The latest auction prices in 2014 already shows that the brand is one of the most expensive pens in the world. One of the most notable collection was the Thunder God and Dragon which was a gift from the then Prime Minister of Japan to an English ambassador; it was subsequently sold at a record auction price of close to GBP125,000 in May 2000.

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